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THE BEST Divorce & Family Law in BC

THE BEST Divorce & Family Law in BC


Looking for the BEST Divorce & Family Law firm in BC? Yelp posted this article long before ClearWay Law came to British Columbia, so we aren’t upset we are not on it! We are not sure if Yelp is the best place to look for a divorce lawyer.

Perhaps you should review Google Maps and research law firm reviews instead. When you look at ClearWay Law’s reviews, you will notice we are originally an Ontario law firm. In 2019, we opened our first British Columbia law firm in BC.

BEST Divorce & Family Law

The truth is that there are only a few family lawyers with over 10 years of experience in British Columbia. Law Society rules prohibit any law firm from saying they are the best. But to make your search easier, we put together a list of tips for how to find the best divorce lawyer for you in BC.

Things to look for in a divorce law firm:

  1. Great communication. Don’t expect to hear back within a few hours, but you should hear back within 24 hours. Therefore, see how long it takes a lawyer to get back to you BEFORE hiring them.
  2. Family law experience. Don’t hire a lawyer that does many different kinds of law. A lawyer should focus on one or two areas of law, maximum. Don’t hire a real estate lawyer for a family law matter.
  3. Uses advanced technology. Lawyers with a terrible website probably don’t understand technology. The lawyer is most likely not innovative. If it takes them a long time to figure something out, because they don’t use technology, you are paying them per hour.
  4. Honest billing. Some lawyers charge premium rates, which really means they bill whatever they feel like. It is the personal belief of our CEO, Alistair Vigier, that this is extremely dishonest and should not be allowed.
  5. Excellent review online. Have a look at the reviews for the different lawyers at the law firm.

Our law office also assists people in Port Alberni and Tofino with their family law disputes.

Our law firm offers service to the Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, New West, Kelowna, Vancouver and anywhere in BC. You can reach our family lawyer on her office’s direct line at 1-844-466-6529

BEST Divorce & Family Law & Real Estate Lawyer in BC

You will have to decide for yourself who the best lawyer in BC is! Either way, we hope you will contact our law offices to speak about your legal issue.

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Our Duncan lawyer is a family lawyer and family law mediator with ClearWay Law. We have divorce lawyers in Ottawa, Toronto, and British Columbia.

Our Duncan BC lawyer also does real estate law! Many people with family law issues also need a real estate lawyer.

Our Duncan BC law offices focus on non-court family law. This is because most people cannot afford, or don’t want to pay, $20K for going to family court. Therefore, it’s much better to find a settlement between the two parties.

Looking for the BEST Divorce & Family Law firms? We suggest reviewing Google reviews and law firm websites! Good luck with your search!

In conclusion, want to learn more about family law? Have a look at our YouTube videos.