The Broken Law Industry

Are you tired of the Broken Law Industry? I get a lot of motivation to write these long articles when I see something broken. This is the part of law firm management people don’t talk much about. Competitors filing law society complaints, threatened lawsuits, bullying, sexual harassment, and substance abuse. The legal industry can be sort of dark at times.

But here’s a new one, the other day one of our competitor’s tried to hack our social media. I guess they thought I wouldn’t notice them trying to change the website.

Broken Law Industry

While some other lawyers are focused on competing with other firms and not on activities that advance their client’s case, our firm tries to make hiring a lawyer as possible as possible. We offer a free 15-minute consultation on the phone to see if we can help.

Once that meeting is over, if our lawyers can help, we book an in-person meeting where an estimate is provided, and the retainer agreement is signed. ID also must be collected as per law society rules. Being able to speak on the phone before making your way across town saves everyone time.

The lawyers at ClearWay Law also enjoy it, as the potential clients that they meet with are all prequalified.

A few things our lawyers want to know about clients before meeting are:

  • We offer the legal assistance they require
  • They understand ClearWay Law’s vision
  • The client can afford $250-495/hour
  • The client is reasonable and willing to listen to advice

To understand how law got the way it is in 2019, it’s important to understand the history of law. The legal industry is thousands of years old, but even between 1900-1950 most lawyers worked in a solo practice.

The point of not working with anyone else (lawyers or non-lawyers) was to make sure the lawyer remained an independent professional whose judgement would not be compromised. Lawyers wouldn’t sign partnership agreements or work under a brand.

Premium Billing

I’ve spoken out against premium billing many times. Every time I write about it, I get angry messages from lawyers on Linkined. This is a key thing that the broken law industry does.

Overbilling by Lawyers

I once hired a business lawyer who overbilled me by $12,000. When I complained he wrote the entire amount off. It’s important to note that sometimes clients complain about over billing even when it didn’t occur. If a lawyer’s rate is $300/hour, and they work 10 hours, a bill for $3000 is the correct amount. Just because it’s a large bill doesn’t mean it was dishonest.

But with the lawyer that billed me $14,000 when it should have been $2000, that was very dishonest.

Broken Law Industry

Most law firms have not grown with the times. ClearWay Law plans to take it to the next step with the first North American law firm IPO. If you want to get involved in the IPO, you can reach out to our CEO at hr (at) Make sure to put “Law Firm IPO” in the subject line.

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