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Divorce Rate Virus | Divorce Calls In Ontario Spike

Divorce Rate In Ontario Spikes Due To Virus

Divorce calls in Ontario are going up. The saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow stronger.” So, what does being stuck in a small condo with your spouse for 14 days do? Well, if the number of calls my divorce lawyers receives is an indication, it’s not good for a marriage. The phone at our lawyer connection company has been ringing off the hook for the past month. Therefore, there are many family lawyers who are currently busy running from courthouse to courthouse all over Ontario.


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When the coronavirus spread from China to the rest of the world, no one would have thought that the toilet paper or divorce industry would be affected. Also, I am sure that Corona beer also would not have expected to put out statements that they are not correlated with the virus. The company that owns Corona beer, Constellation Brands Inc, started 2020 at a stock price of $188.30. As of the writing of this article, they have taken a large hit and now sits at $119.70. It goes to show that the stock market is based on emotion, not on logic.


Divorce Calls In Ontario

The Divorce Industry Is Booming In Ontario | Divorce Calls In Ontario


Everything from small gatherings to large events seems to be being canceled around the world. Some countries are banning foreigners from entering. Companies are desperately trying to figure out how to allow their employees to work from home. Further, companies that cannot figure it out with likely go bankrupt. Employees working from home has led to couples seeing more of each other than would have been ideal. If things get worst with the virus in Canada, couples could have to stay at home for months, which happened in China.


Staff no longer want to take the bus or the subway to work twice a day as they feel it’s too dangerous. My law firm is lucky in that we were already set up as a remote-based law firm prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. Also, we work with our clients over email, the phone, and video conferencing. All of our client’s files are based in the cloud. We rarely meet our clients unless getting ready for family law court.


Our lawyers have been rushing to create separation agreements for clients. We have had to explain to clients that in Ontario you often must be separated for at least a year before the courts will approve a divorce. Further, many clients seem to be desperate to file, so our lawyers are filing even before the one year mark. Give the clients what they want, I guess…


Couples Don’t Want To Spend 14 Days With Each Other | Divorce Rate


A number of couples have been returning to Ontario from high-risk countries. This has required them to self-isolate for 14 days. This has created an environment of conflict and frustration. Further, they cannot go out and get a break from their spouse or see their friends. Some of the clients that have called our lawyers have reported they don’t want to live with their spouse anymore. Some have decided to move into motels and hotels instead.


We have had some potential clients want to bring applications to get their kids and run off back to their home country. They wanted sole custody and they wanted to get out of Ontario before “things got bad.” The courts are currently full of these applications. Divorce lawyer Shahnaz Jamal posted


“Just had a successful win in court!!! We successfully opposed an application to prevent my client from taking the Children to California for spring break!! The opposing party was concerned about COVID19.”


Sophie Trudeau also just returned from England. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that Sophie was feeling sick and is being tested for the virus. Now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in self-isolation as his wife. The same has happened to Tom Hanks and his wife, who was confirmed to have the Coronavirus in Australia. Therefore, my family lawyers are waiting to see if we get a call from Mr. Trudeau or Tom Hanks!


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