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Buying Legal Documents Online

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Buying Legal Documents Online

Many people are looking into buying legal documents online. Nowadays, many people want to get cheap online legal services. Sites such as Legalzoom or Law Depot are online sites where you can create legal documents without necessarily having to pay for a lawyer.

Documents available are wills and living trusts, business documents, copyright registrations, and applications for trademarks. Sites like these are cheaper than law firms and that’s a huge selling point to many customers.

Typically, legal documents can cost a customer about $60 per document, hiring a lawyer charge around $250 to $520 per hour. While these online services may offer a low price, some people say using them could cost you more money. This is because in the long run there might be problems. There is a high dissatisfaction rate in accomplishing your legal tasks.

Further in many cases, downloading a template online can lead to you having to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Online legal documents can be outdated, created for the wrong prince, or made with mistakes.

You can see all the free templates we have available by clicking here.

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So when should you use legal documents online? Do you need a legal form for a small and simple transaction? Maybe it makes little sense to spend a lot of money on a law firm to draft the document. But is the transaction for a large amount? Does it have complex provisions? Then the cost of a lawyer to draft a document is relatively small compared to the cost of losing money in the transaction.

There is also the potential loss of time and energy in having to deal with a lawsuit. Normally a deal gone wrong could have been prevented with the legal advice of a lawyer.

When should you not use legal templates? When a lot is at stake, the last thing you want is errors in your legal documents. Small inaccuracies can have big impacts. So don’t get legal forms for your important legal matters without consulting with a law firm.

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Terms Of Use Disclaimer | Legal Documents

On one of the websites of the legal service, the terms are as follows. “We do not guarantee that any legal form provided is suitable for a particular purpose. Further or that any Legal Form provided is accurate, reliable, complete, or timely. The legal forms provided are for information purposes only. They should not be relied upon as legal advice.”

This is a common disclaimer that many companies also include in their fine prints when it comes to legal matters. Customers should be more able to rely on the accuracy and protection these documents will serve should it be necessary. A good example is with wills and trust. Will-makers should be able to have the confidence that it will be able to serve its purpose according to their exact intention.

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Laws are being updated and rarely stay the same for decades. When social media came out, a lot of changes happened. With each decision by a judge, the law changes. This is called case law.

Laws constantly change because they also adapt to the ever-changing environment. There are legal case updates and new technology that comes out. The best lawyers keep up with these changes. This enables the lawyer to give the best and accurate advice to you. Make sure you hire a lawyer that is up to date on everything.

Legal form with outdated information may have severe consequences for the customers and may result in an even costly process, worst will not give them the protection they were supposed to serve.

Buying Legal Forms Can Be A Let-Down

Buying legal documents online often fail to meet your unique needs. It may not have the ability to customize the documents based on the specific agreements or provisions you need to be present on your legal documents.

Some online template websites say that  80% of people who fill in legal forms make errors or mistakes. If your legal document misses any important details such as terms in which your business operates or in cases of creating a will or trust, you have no recourse in your document.

There are free forms on the internet. However, you should be careful about simple documents. These might include the power of attorney, simple affidavits, etc,. They might not necessarily require a lawyer’s advice you may actually get online for free. It makes no sense to spend a few hundred dollars hiring an attorney to draft the document when you can get them for free. It is easy to search online for free legal forms such as this site.

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Many legal template companies have negative reviews. Many online reviews include several complaints about the quality of customer support and processes. The Better Business Bureau reports that some online template websites have received 345 complaints on its website.

Protect what matters most- your family. While getting free or cheap legal documents can be enticing at first but having to face all the potential consequences these documents might have an effect on your time, energy, hassle, and money, it’s not worth it in the long run.

In conclusion, if serious legal errors are made, you’ll never know because they will not become detectable until you die. And the people left to deal with the errors are the people you’re probably creating your will to protect.

It is of best interest for you and the recipient of your will that every detail in your document will be accurate and be reviewed for legal sufficiency.