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Tips For Men Dealing With Divorce

Tips For Men Dealing With Divorce

Men Dealing With Divorce

There are issues inherent in divorce and men dealing with divorce might have unique problems. It is probably safe to say that no one who has gone through it looks back on a divorce with fond memories. The end of a marriage and the relationship that it symbolizes has an emotional impact that each person processes differently based upon the circumstances unique to their own situation. The results of various studies conducted over the years into the effects of divorce on men and women offer the opportunity to take a look at how men handle a divorce.

Handling the emotional turmoil of a divorce

Researchers point out that men and women going through a divorce experience essentially the same emotions. Men, however, differ in how they process and deal with those emotions.

Men tend to avoid relying upon the support and comfort of a social network composed of friends and relatives. Instead, researchers found that men rely upon activities, such as mastering a new sport, going on a trip or looking for a new relationship, to avoid confronting the sadness and grief they probably feel.

Experts caution that using activities to suppress or avoid dealing with emotions could prolong the process of recovering from a divorce. They recommend that men make an effort to express their emotions by whatever method is comfortable for them. If you find yourself avoiding rather than confronting the pain of divorce, options might include talking without someone you trust and feel comfortable confiding in or seeking professional help from a counsellor or psychologist.

Men Dealing With Divorce – Legal and economic Issues

Divorce is much more than the termination of a marriage and the end of a relationship. There are a number of legal issues that arise during the divorce process that you need to be aware of in advance.

Divorce is the legal process you must go through to end a marriage. Unlike separation that does couples can do on their own without any formal legal process, terminating a marriage can only be accomplished by filing for a divorce to obtain a court order.

Courts can decide child custody, support, and property distribution.  Futher, they can decide on other issues related to your marriage and family. Therefore, it is better to attempt to resolve them through negotiations with your spouse. You don’t want to ask a judge to decide financial and parenting matters. Getting the courts involved in your divorce adds to the time it will take for the divorce to become final.

Ontario Can File Divorces Online

Ontario residents can file for a simple divorce if the only issue to be resolved by the court is the termination of the marriage. This requires resolution of child custody, parenting and financial matters by you and your spouse prior to filing for the divorce. Courts in Ontario generally will not grant a divorce if you have children and custody and support have not been settled by agreement.

Is your method of handling the stress, anxiety and other emotions caused by divorce is seek out activities? Find a useful activity to engage in. You can assemble all of your records regarding the assets and property acquired. This would be before and during the marriage. This will help your lawyer assist you in resolving the issues with your spouse.

There are many economic and family issues related to the divorce that need to be planned prior to filing for divorce.

Online divorce

Questions And Answers About Divorce

Q: Can I just file for divorce?

A: It depends on if you have children or property. If you have these things, you will need to do a separation agreement. The courts will want to see a signed separation agreement prior to approving your divorce.

Q: How much does a divorce cost?

A: It will depend on if you need the separation agreement. We offer a flat rate for a simple separation agreement for $1100. We can file the divorce online for $1200. Keep in mind there are court fees on top for the filing of a divorce. That money goes to the courts, not to our law firm.

Q: Do women have an advantage when it comes to family law?

A: Absolutely not. The judges will look at what is in the best interests of the children. Having both parents in their lifes is often the best thing for a child (but not always.)

Men Dealing With Divorce- Make time to meet with a lawyer

In conclusion, a Ontario lawyer experienced in representing individuals in family law matters, including divorce and separation, can be a valuable resource for legal advice and guidance. A skilled and knowledgeable lawyer can provide the assistance you need. They can negotiate a fair settlement. Further, they will work with your spouses attorney to allow each of you to move on with your lives.