Common-Law Relationships in BC

Family Law Lawyers FAQ

It depends on how serious your legal situation is. If you are both arguing over a few hundred or thousand dollars, probably not. As a rule of thumb, once the amounts get over $15,000, it's worth it. If you pay a lawyer $5000, and they get you or save you over $15K, that's a good deal. If you pay a lawyer $5000 and they get you $1000, it's not worth it.

The average lawyer fees are either a flat fee or per hour. Don’t assume a lawyer with a lower hourly rate is a better deal. The range is normally from $250-450. In general, we recommend hiring a more experienced lawyer. This isn't because you will spend more money. An experienced lawyer often knows the answers and therefore needs to work fewer hours. Also, think about value. You are not hiring a lawyer to save money, you are hiring a lawyer to get a result. Can the lawyer communicate well and get you the results you want?

You just need to contact us, and we will connect you with one. Be clear on what outcome you want, and we can connect you with a lawyer that we think is a right fit. Don't worry about costs until the consultation. The lawyer needs to hear your situation first.

You should know what you want to happen. You will then be able to get answers to your most important legal questions. Make sure you bring details about assets and debts. Don't worry about sharing things that make the other person look bad. You can't use that in court anyway.

Many legal issues do not go to court. It will depend on your situation. The more money in dispute, the more likely that it will go to court. No one wants to do a three-day trial over $2000. But will they go to trial over $20K? Probably.

Retainers don’t matter. Instead, ask the lawyer for an estimate on how much the total fees might be. Keep in mind it will only be an estimate. But to answer this question, the lowest amounts are normally $2000. For court matters, it's around $5000.