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Understanding JD.com (Entering China)


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Are you looking for help understanding JD.com? Jd.com is one of the most important parts of expanding your business to China. This is true if you plan on selling anything over the internet.

The Canadian Embassy in Beijing has a close relationship with JD. They can help you get set up on the JD.com system if you are a Canadian business.
If you are an American or British business, then you will have to contact your own Embassy in Beijing. I am sure they have similar trade ambassador programs.

JD claims to be the largest online company in China. They are basically the Amazon of China. There are 28,000 employees at the company. They do around $300 million USD per year.

They do a lot of business in the markets of cooking oil, diapers, and fashion.

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The JD Com Marketplace

JD has a strong anti counterfit policy. They kick a lot of companies off of their marketplace. They claim to have a zero tolerance policy for anything counterfit.

Companies like Prada sell a massive amount of products on the platform.

There are also companies that sell seafood via “JD Fresh.” This is extremely popular in China.

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The appeal of JD is that if you put in your order on the platform before 11 AM, you get your order at your door by the next day.

They provide small to medium-sized warehousing solutions for their clients.

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JD is obsessed with improving their supply chain. They also work with Tencent and Google.

Tencent also owns Wechat, which is very important in China. You can connect Wechat with JD. It’s very easy to do. It helps brands leverage Chinese social media.

Understanding JD.com | A Chinese Company

JD also works closely with Walmart. They are connected with three different Walmart stores. JD is a technology-based company. They are obsessed with the customer’s end-user experience.

They are now growing their company into a finance company, called “JD Finance.” They are now listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Food, baby products, and drinks do extremely well on the JD platform.

It is China’s largest supermarket online or offline; top retailer for numerous categories, including infant formula and diapers, milk, beer, and cooking oil.

They also claim to be the preferred shopping platform for home and life. They suggest they provide the highest quality home furnishings, household products, and services.

JD is developing cutting-edge technology solutions that enable consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. Now, it is also opening its technology and infrastructure to brands, retailers, and other industries as part of its “Retail as a Service” strategy.

JD Works With Google

JD Com Online Shopping

JD worldwide is the biggest e-commerce platform in China. They have over 41 million registered users.

They are ranked 102 on the Fortune Global list.

JD is China’s largest frozen and chilled e-commerce warehousing and delivery network.

It is the only e-commerce platform in the world that provides:

  • small-to-medium sized warehousing
  • oversized warehousing
  • cross border
  • cold chain delivery
  • frozen and chilled warehousing facilities
  • B2B and crowdsourcing logistics


Alibaba rival JD sees Singles' Day revenue jump 27% thanks to offline push | TechCrunch

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JD Works With Google

The two companies work together. This is because Google was banned from China. Collaborates on a range of strategic initiatives, including joint development of retail solutions in regions around the world. Explores the creation of next-generation retail infrastructure solutions.

Reaches over 1 billion Chinese consumers through a partnership with Tencent.

Over 300 Walmart stores in China have a presence on JD Daojia(JDDJ). They have an integrated inventory that helps improve delivery efficiency for customers, optimizes delivery routes for JD, and increases Walmart’s inventory turnover rate.

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Understanging JD.com FAQ

Has the legal industry changed much recently?

Yes, as is true with most things in China, things move quick. Laws can change very fast in China.

Are there more lawyers in China these days?

Yes, Beijing now has around 20,000 lawyers. 40% of China’s lawyers live in Beijing. This is because that’s where the Chinese government is headquartered (in the capital.) The lawyers need to be near the government.

Where are most of the foreign companies located in China?

Most companies that do foreign trade are located in Shanghai. Also, a lot of foreign companies set up their HQ in Beijing.

Can a Canadian lawyer in Beijing give legal advice?

Yes, but only about Canadian law. They cannot offer legal advice about Beijing law.

Is it helpful to work with a lawyer in China and Canada for divorce?

Yes, you need to hire a lawyer that can deal with the legal issue where it exists. If you have a house in Toronto and Beijing, you will likely need a lawyer in each country.

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