Vaughan Law Firm

Our Vaughan law firm has extended its list of legal services. In addition to family law and business law, personal injury, litigation (not family) and employment law. It will be general litigation(small claims, real estate law, estate law, etc). We also do landlord and tenant now too at the Vaughan location. We are currently not doing family law litigation at this location. However, we can send you to one of our other law offices.

Vaughan Law Firm

Our Vaughan law office offers amazing customer service to clients. We have many clients that are extremely happy they went with us. If you want to hire one of our two Vaughan lawyers, call us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529.

You can also book a phone call meeting to see if we can help you. Further, you can reach out to us via the live chat function on this screen.

Milena Belkoleva – Vaughan Law Firm

For family law work, our lawyer at the Vaughan law firm (Milena Belkoleva) does mostly family law. Milena does a lot of marriage agreements, separation agreements, independent legal advice (ILA), and cohabitation agreements. Ms. Belkoleva also does real estate and estate work.

This location offers service via the phone, by email, and video conferencing. That means that even if Vaughan is too far away from you, most of the time the lawyer can still help you. Therefore, you could be anywhere in the province and still have a separation agreement or ILA done by a lawyer in Vaughan.

Service is important, and this location offers very fast service and flexible hours. Communication is the key thing many people look for when picking a lawyer.

Vaughan law firmEdouard Voskresensky- Toronto Lawyer

Her partner, Edouard Voskresensky, mostly does business law, small claims actions, personal injury, and employment. Edouard Voskresensky also does the litigation work at the law firm in Vaughan.

Both of the lawyers at the law firm can help with landlord and tenant disputes.

For personal injury matters, the firm can offer a “no win, no pay” rate. This means that you don’t have to pay the hourly rate. If you don’t win your case, you don’t pay. You will still be responsible for paying the disbursements. The industry rate is paying the personal injury lawyer around 33% of your winnings. You will have to confirm the fee with the lawyer you hire. Normally, this is disclosed in the letter of engagement that you sign with the law firm. If you are suing your employer under an employment claim, it’s often possible for a lawyer to also offer you a 33% contingency fee agreement.

If you are a company defending against an employment action, you will have to pay the lawyer’s hourly rate.