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Website Policy For Lawyers

Website Policy For Lawyers

March 2020 update: The information below is archived as we are no longer a law firm. We have switched to an online marketplace for legal services. We now simply provide lawyer referrals.

Below is our website policy for lawyers. ClearWay Law’s mission since the start has been to improve the legal industry. More specifically, to encourage lawyers to become client service focused. The legal industry is very outdated, and there is a large tradition that needs to happen. Law firms also need to change how they work with their lawyers if they want to make positive changes in the industry. Here is a common problem that we have as a law firm.

A lawyer might take a better picture of themselves, decide they don’t want to be a lawyer anymore, want to change their biography, or move to another city. We then get demands to delete or update their page. Here is the problem, it costs us $100/hour to make updates to our website. If the lawyer wants to cover this cost, they can. We want our lawyers to focus on resolving their client’s legal issues instead of worrying about their headshots.

With the number of lawyers that we have, we could be spending thousands of dollars a month on feeding the egos of our lawyers. None of this helps our law firm improve the client experience. Clients don’t care about seeing the most up to date picture of their lawyer. If a lawyer leaves our law firm for whatever reason, we make sure this is clear on the page.

Policy For Lawyers | Clients care about two things:

  1. What’s the process of hiring a law firm?
  2. How much is it going to cost?

Website Policy For LawyersFurther, our law firm doesn’t delete pages for numerous reasons. Our law firm doesn’t remove pages as it causes internal and external linking issues. We also like to be clear with past leads and clients that a lawyer spoke to that they don’t work here anymore. We don’t have people just disappear leaving clients stressed out.

If you don’t know what an internal link is, here is an example. We spend a lot of money on SEO. This is because many people when searching for a lawyer lookup “separation agreement Ontario” or “Ottawa family lawyer.” I just created two internal links and if one of those pages were deleted, it would create issues. We create thousands of links internally and externally.

Please note, individuals cannot control who creates a page about them on the internet. Media and individuals can post what they wish as long as it’s not false. Our law firm values transparency and freedom of expression granted under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We expect our lawyers to do the same.

Instead of spending thousands on website changes, we are spending the money on the following:

  1. Hiring customer support teams that make sure the client is happy.
  2. Paying for technology that improves the client experience.
  3. Hiring any great lawyer that we can find.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about our law firm, visit our videos.

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