What Is An Online Law Firm?

Online Law Firm

Our law firm, ClearWay Law, is truly different in that we are an online law firm. When we created this firm, we sat down for six months and discussed how we can improve the legal industry. There were many legal technology companies improving the industry, but only a few law firm’s doing something innovative. We brain stormed countless ideas and came up with something we knew clients would love.

Eventually, we decided that the biggest issue that clients have when hiring a law firm is hiring a lawyer in the first place. Most of our management team has been clients looking for a law firm. This was normally for real estate, immigration or business law needs. The process of finding a lawyer was brutal. Most law firms never answered their phones or responded to emails. When we asked about the process or cost, we didn’t get answers we understood. It seemed we were told it’s too complicated. We didn’t contact a law firm to feel confused, we wanted answers.

Getting A Will During A Family Change

A will is revoked if you marry (unless the marriage is contemplated in the will). It isn’t revoked if you separate, which is even more reason to get a new will so that the spouse you’re separating from doesn’t remain a beneficiary. Please indicate if you would like us to create a low cost will for you for $300.
If the estates clauses are included a the agreement, there is a very small blurp regarding the wills and how the agreement binds the estates. Some people are just too stressed out during the separation process, that they dont actually care about the wills much. Others feel happy that they can get something legal out of the way for cheap.

78% of millennials and 64% of gen X-ers don’t have a will.

Leave Money On The Table

We believe it’s best to offer lower fees, and to get more clients. We think that by getting more clients, that are happy and leave good reviews, we will be more successful in the long term. Our law firm works online which saves money on rent. Let’s say a law firm charges you $2000, and 25% of the law firm’s revenue going towards rent. Do you feel comfortable that $500 of your money went towards paying the law firm’s rent?

Unfortunately, that’s what happens today. We want to take a majority of our income, and invest it into improving our technology and team.

How To Improve The Customer Service?

How To Improve The Customer Service?
How To Improve The Customer Service?

The current way things are done are also challenging for law firms. As of November 2019, our phone lines and emails are filled with people asking questions. This happens seven days a week, and people want answers quick. It’s hard to find out who is serious about getting legal help, and who is just curious about a few questions they have.

In addition to this, some people have a legal aid certificate, which has a completely different process at our law firm. If someone has a certificate, we just send them to a lawyer we work with that does legal aid. We do not intake the client.

Our law firm decided we needed to follow technology companies that have a beautiful website and a clear process. We wanted our store front to be our website. We get around 500 people on our website daily, and we wanted to help anyone that had serious legal issues and wants to hire a lawyer.

Goodbye To The Office

We created an online marketplace for law. We decided we would become a hybrid between a law firm and an internet start up. ClearWay Law decided to jump in, and we coached our staff and lawyers to become more tech savvy. This meant that because we saved money on rent, we could pass on savings to customers. This is how we are able to offer a simple separation agreement for $1100. Back when we had an office, we had to charge $2000+.

Also, by being online it means that we are forced to use technology. This enables us to have tighter controls over the process. This greatly reduces the chances of making mistakes.

Online Law FirmOnline Law Firm- How It Works As A Client

  1. Collect the information about your case
  2. Collect the ID for conflict check
  3. Get the letter of engagement signed
  4. Assign a lawyer to you
  5. Do the legal work
  6. Sending a follow up survey to collect feedback and make sure we are always improving

That’s it! Then you easily get to work with a lawyer to resolve your legal issue. Some people move through the three steps in a day, and they get a lawyer assigned to them right after. For some people it takes a few months to decide to move forward. Everyone is different.

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If you want to learn more about our law firm, view our videos.

In conclusion, we look forward to working with you. We know we are different, but we believe that’s a very good thing. If you have any questions, let us know.

Online Law Firm