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What is Mediation in Ontario?

What is Mediation in Ontario?

Are you looking for mediation in Ontario? Are you afraid of what a judge may order regarding your family law matter? What if you do not have the money to pay monthly lawyer bills? Multiple trips to the family court to try and obtain court orders on multiple issues can get very expensive. You should seek the services of your ClearWay Law lawyer to enter into negotiations or mediation on your behalf.

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Mediation is a day or multiple days of intensive meetings between yourself, your lawyer, your former spouse, and their lawyer as well as a licensed mediator. Unlike court, this process is focused on both parties speaking directly about what they want and need to help move on from the former relationship.

Mediation – Ontario Family Law

Mediation is less intimidating compared to the typical court process. A mediator helps to guide the discussions but they cannot make a ruling or a court order. As such, there is less of a burden on each party to present all of their relevant facts in a short timeframe. Mediators are also helpful as it is their focus to try and have the parties think of solutions specific to their circumstances. This is often different than family judges who are forced to follow court decisions and legislation. They come up with court orders that are not always effective for day to day issues.

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Mediation in Ontario
Mediation in Ontario

The mediation process typically lasts 3 or 4 days depending on the number of issues the parties need to resolve. Mediation can also be canceled or rescheduled if additional information needs to be obtained.

If you and your former spouse are relatively amicable with each other, you can both attend mediation with a ClearWay Law lawyer who can act to provide both of you with their perspective on how to proceed with your legal issues. This is done in a confidential environment. If you are unable to resolve your issues then the lawyer overseeing your mediation will not be able to represent either party if the issues have to go to court to be dealt with.

If you are thinking of beginning court proceedings but are unsure if mediation might be better for you, make sure to discuss your options with a ClearWay Law lawyer to help you with this important decision.

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