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When Should You Consult A Family Law Lawyer?

When Should You Consult A Family Law Lawyer?

Do you need to consult a family law lawyer? Divorce is not a decision made overnight. Getting from the point of deciding to divorce, through a separation, and to the step of starting your court documentation often takes months or years.  So at what point throughout the process should you book an appointment with a family law lawyer?

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Family Lawyer Consultation

If you are the one who is going to initiate the divorce, speaking to a family lawyer before letting your partner know you want to separate may be advantageous. A family lawyer can help you to navigate the conversation. They can give you ideas on how to come to an early resolution regarding your family law matters. Most importantly they can assist you in ensuring that your assets are protected.  The divorce lawyer can help you prepare for the next step. Also, this includes gathering documentation to support your asset and debt values.  Further, they can also assist to let you know the cost of legal proceedings which gives you time to save up separate funds to pay for the same.

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If you have a spouse who has initiated a divorce, then speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. If your spouse has filed paperwork with the family court to begin proceedings, you have a limited time to respond.  A lawyer will ensure that you file the proper response materials and complete the next steps on time.  Even if your spouse hasn’t filed paperwork with the court yet, a lawyer will advise you of your legal rights and can help you negotiate a settlement of your matter before it goes to court.

consult a family law lawyer

Toronto Family Lawyers

Hiring a family lawyer early on often ensures the process gets completed as quickly as possible. Lawyers on both sides will provide advice to their clients on the best options moving forward and their rights under the law.  This will often assist the parties in coming to an agreement or getting to court sooner if necessary.

Lawyers may seem intimidating. This may cause clients to avoid going to a lawyer until the last minute. Sometimes people try and go up against a lawyer by themselves (self-represented.) This greatly decreases the chances of winning your case. Therefore, make sure you have a lawyer representing you. Also, it is possible to have self-represented coaching if you want lawyers to help but cannot afford one full time.

In our experience contacting a lawyer earlier is better. Our lawyers at the Toronto office of ClearWay Law can assist you through the divorce process. We will help you from the initial discussion of separation right through filing the divorce papers in the court. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us at any point in the process.

There are many different types of professionals who can help you.

A few different types of family law professionals are:

  • Family lawyers
  • Mediators (our law firm offers this)
  • Duty Counsel (legal aid)
  • Legal advice clients (legal aid)

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Protection Orders In British Columbia

Our family lawyers in BC can help you try to get a protection order. If the police are not able or willing to help, a family lawyer might be able to. People seek protection orders for several different reasons. Sometimes someone feels at risk of getting hurt, or their house or property is in danger of damage. Therefore, sometimes a spouse needs a protection order to feel safe from the other spouse.

Domestic abuse is something that most people don’t want to talk about. Besides the police and family lawyers, there are also community and victim service groups. Our BC law firm does not do criminal law, only family law. Police will often side with the storyteller, which we acknowledge is very controversial. There is no need for witnesses or evidence for an arrest to be made.

There will need to be evidence for the crown persecutor to proceed with charges. Further, if the crown does proceed with charges, your spouse would likely have to go to criminal court.

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Consult A Family Law Lawyer

Since our law firm doesn’t do criminal law, we will focus on family law protection orders. A protection order is a wan order made by a family judge to protect someone from the other. Further, a protection order is based on the specific safety needs given in the situation. It likely comes with a list of conditions that must be followed. A common one is that one spouse will not go within 100 meters of the other spouse or contact them.

Family law protection orders can only be ordered against a member of your family. This could be a partner, guardian or relative. It is meant to protect you and/or your child. It can be protection against:

  • Violence
  • Mental abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Toronto Law Firm

Clearway Law has a family law Toronto office. This is an innovative law firm that tries not to use physical office space. Instead, the lawyers and staff work from home whenever possible. This allows the law firm to pass on the savings to their clients.

When you walk into a fancy office space at a different law firm and are offered expensive coffee, make no mistake, your legal fees are paying for it.

Why not meet your lawyer at Starbucks or at home?

If that doesn’t work for you, their family lawyers are willing to book a meeting room at Regus Toronto. Further, there are many offices to choose from.

Many of our clients are able to deal with their legal issues using non-confrontational methods. And sometimes those negotiations are made simpler by using an informed third party, such as a mediator or an arbitrator. Therefore, speak to a lawyer to see what is right for you.

Consult A Family Law Lawyer- Child support

Clearway Law believes that lawyers should represent the public good. Lawyers should try to resolve issues quickly instead of always fighting with the other party.

Hiring a family lawyer in Toronto does not have to be expensive. By using mediation and arbitration, you can greatly reduce your costs. Family law is the “heart of legal services.” Lawyers should be able to coach their clients about what they need to do and what they can ignore. In family law, the stakes are so high that clients need access to credible information. If you have a legal problem, you should consult a family law lawyer.

The Child Support Guidelines are used to lay out the rules for child support debates. This is used to decide on how much will be paid to one spouse per month and the amount of time each parent will have with the child. Further, the parent who has the child most of the time is normally the one who is entitled to child support payments. Please note this is not always the case.

Consult A Family Law Lawyer- Divorce

The first step of getting divorced is usually a one-year separation where both parties live apart and separate finances. The hope of the Divorce Act is that the married couple will get back together in this one year period. Further, there are exceptions to this one year rule as laid out in the Divorce Act.

Clearway Law can assist in the following areas of law:

  • Immigration Law
  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody Battles

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