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Contested Divorce Lawyer Canada

What to Do If You Cannot Agree on Divorce Terms… While many people hope to achieve success with an uncontested divorce that occurs outside of the courtroom and at a much-reduced expense, this is not always an option.

You might even begin your case with the goal of using an uncontested divorce but discover that you and your former spouse cannot come to terms of the agreement and therefore, need the support of a contested divorce lawyer.

A contested divorce lawyer can help you with all aspects of your case especially as it relates to the contested divorce process, the contest divorce petition, and a contested divorce with a child.

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Divorce Petition | Issues Raised

A contested divorce cost will vary significantly based on the issues. There will be a number of things being decided in your case. It could be the situation that you and your former spouse are unable to come to terms of an agreement on child custody. Further, you both cannot reach an arrangement over the division of marital property.

What You Should Know About the Contested Divorce Process… A lawyer for contested divorce will advise you about your rights. Also, they will explain to protect you throughout the contested divorce procedure. A contested divorce lawyer is an advocate for you. They can help explain to you the differences between these different types of divorce.

A contested divorce is the exact opposite of an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties have come to terms on an agreement. All the major issues have been decided on. This could have happened on its own. Further, it might have happened through an alternative dispute resolution process. This includes processes such as mediation. Regardless of how these agreements came to be, both parties sign paperwork. Also, they acknowledge that they wish their divorce to occur outside of court.

Application For Divorce | Contested Divorce Lawyer

A contested divorce, however, is appropriate for those couples who cannot come to terms on an agreement. It is very common for spouses to disagree about some or all of the issues raised. These often have to do with spousal support, children, and the division of financial assets. As you might expect, contested divorce makes everything much more complicated and possibly more expensive. Both parties will be responsible for gathering evidence and filing court documents about their individual stances on the at hand issues.

Legal counsel might also need to be involved. Further, this is where the process can become more expensive and get longer. The legal process and procedures behind contested versus uncontested divorce are different. This also depends on how much the couple is able to agree on. Also, it can have significant implications for how long it takes to get the divorce finalized. When a couple cannot agree on relevant divorce matters. Finally, everyone’s family law lawyer must be involved.

Divorce Lawyer Canada

How Does Contested Divorce Work?

Procedural rules can vary depending on the province or territory you live in, even though all Canadian divorces are governed through the Federal Divorce Act. In a contested divorce, it is a poor idea to try to represent yourself. You need to retain the services of a contested divorce attorney immediately.

A contested divorce lawyer will play an important role in the resolution of your case. Divorces in which spouses are unable to agree on legally complex issues are far too complicated for someone untrained in the law to handle on their own. Furthermore, a contested divorce also means that emotions are running high. This can make it extremely challenging to represent yourself.

There are some situations in which an uncontested divorce could become a contested divorce. It is essential to retain the services of a contested divorce lawyer immediately.

Child Custody Child Support

A contested divorce without attorney situation is not recommended due to the severity of the outcome of the issues in your divorce. These can have far-reaching implications for your loved ones as well as you and you need to be fully advised about your rights and responsibilities so that you can avoid many of the most common pitfalls that could set you back or add unnecessary stress.

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Scheduling a consultation with a contested divorce attorney will give you a better idea about the contested divorce cost expectations and a general timeline for which you might be able to anticipate your case unfolding over. In all of these situations, however, you need to have an attorney at your side to explain to you what to expect and to help you to avoid many of the most common pitfalls, challenges and painful aspects of trying to resolve your divorce inside the court.

FAQ’s : Contested Divorce Lawyer Canada

How long does a contested divorce take in Canada?

In Canada, a contested divorce could take anywhere from six months to three years. For more complex cases, the process could take even longer. Factors that can complicate contested divorce cases include child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, and debt-sharing.

How long does it take to finalize a contested divorce?

After a judge grants the divorce, it will take effect after 31 days. The ex-spouses can choose to request a copy of the divorce certificate to confirm the divorce and the effectivity date. They can secure this record from the court that processed the divorce.

How can I get divorced with no money?

The best way to get divorced if you have no money is to talk to your spouse and agree on the terms of the split privately before filing your divorce papers. If both of you resolve all the issues during the pre-filing stage, then you can proceed with an uncontested divorce, which would cost less.

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