Family Law Case Conference

Our family lawyers often get contacted by potential clients asking about what a family law case conference is. We acknowledge that family law can be very confusing. There are also several self-represented individuals who do research online to understand the steps of family law. To clarify things we put together this blog.

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The purpose of a Family Law Case Conference is to:

  • Agree on the key legal issues to be resolved
  • Make a list of what issues are not in dispute
  • Work on the plan to resolve those issues
  • The disclosure needed by both parties

The case conference is often around a one-hour meeting between your lawyer, the other parties’ lawyer, and a judge. Some people attend the case conference without lawyers. The meeting is informal as it is not the trial. You will often get a new judge if the issue goes to a hearing. The judge acts as a mediator during this stage of the family law matter.

Sometimes the case conference is held is a private meeting and sometimes in open court. It depends on which court you attend.

It often takes 2-6 months to schedule a case conference depending on where the parents and/or children live. Individuals need to attend the case conference; they should not simply send their lawyers.

The judge won’t make a large order at this stage. A large order can include spousal support or division of assets.

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The judge is also going to look at the possibility of setting the case without going to trial. Good lawyers should be working towards the goal of a settlement as well. If there is the possibility of a settlement, it is likely that a date will be set for a settlement conference. Multiple conferences can be held with the goal of movies the parties closer to an agreement.

During the case conference, a judge might make some procedural orders. This often is about forcing the parties to  to disclose to each other.

Family Law Case Conference

The disclosure will often include putting together a list of:

  • All your assets (property, vehicles, air miles, bank accounts, mutual funds…etc.)
  • Your debts
  • How much income both spouses make (income tax returns)
  • How many expenses were spent on the child (to determine child support)
  • Employment insurance if applicable

Often both parties are given thirty days from the case conference to provide the disclosure.

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