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Good Divorce Lawyer Toronto

Good Divorce Lawyer Toronto


Are you looking for a good divorce lawyer in Toronto, or are you looking for the best? Our company finds top rated divorce lawyers in Ontario and connects people to them.


We used to be a law firm, and then we switched to a platform. Our services are free for the public (but the family lawyers fees are not free.)


We interview lawyers and make sure they are committed to providing amazing communication and services to the people we connect to their law firms.


Best Family Divorce Attorney Toronto


If you are looking for top-rated lawyers in Toronto, then fill out the form on the side of this page. We will have an attorney call you (or email if you prefer.)


Communication is by far the most important thing when hiring a divorce lawyer in Toronto. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for help with separation agreements, real estate, or child support. If your lawyer doesn’t call you back, it’s not going to work out.


The other important thing when looking for the best family divorce lawyer in Toronto is to think about, best at what?


Pro Tip

You need to be separated for a year before the divorce is approved. However, you can submit the divorce at any time.


Good Divorce Lawyer Toronto


Some attorneys might focus on doing things like simple divorces and providing general legal advice. Others might practise in pushing a family law matter into the courts or helping with dispute resolution.


You need to find the right attorney for what your goals are. If you think mediation is the way to go, don’t hire a litigation expert.


Dispute Resolution or Go to Court?


However, if you want to be aggressive and win your case as soon as possible, don’t hire a lawyer that focuses on dispute resolution. Mediation can go on for years. The court’s process forces parties to reply within time periods. This is called procedural time limits.


For example, in some courts in Canada, someone has 21 days to respond after they have been served with a family claim. This means they cannot delay things (easily). They might be able to get some adjournments.


But if you hire a Toronto family mediator, that mediator doesn’t have any power to set strict rules that must be met.


Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Ontario


Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Ontario


Normally, starting off with trying to get a separation agreement signed is a good first step. Top-rated lawyers often see if it’s possible to keep things out of court. They don’t commit to multi-year mediation processes if there is no chance of a separation agreement being signed.


An experienced divorce lawyer is also more likely to be honest with you than a junior lawyer. You need an attorney that can tell you the way things are. Don’t argue with the attorney, listen to their legal advice.


Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer Toronto


When you contact us to connect with a Toronto family attorney, let us know how you define a good divorce lawyer in Toronto. We want to make sure that our definition of a top lawyer is the same as yours.


Also, be realistic with legal fees. You should know that a divorce is going to cost you money. Going into it thinking you are not going to spend is unrealistic.


Sometimes people message us looking for a pro bono lawyer. It’s not going to happen. Lawyers have to bills to pay, and unlikely doctors, they don’t get government funding.


Lawyers do not receive $65 for each patient they see (like doctors in Toronto do.) Also, normally when someone contacts a law firm and indicates they don’t want to spend money, they won’t receive replies.


Set A Monthly Budget For Legal Fees


If you have a monthly budget (let’s say $1000/month) let the lawyer know this. Therefore, you might not be able to afford court services. Your best chance at completing your family law matter might be getting a divorce contract signed.


There are many different ways to go through the divorce process, depending on your budget. For some legal issues, like child support or the division of property, it might be worth spending a lot of money on legal fees.


If you spend $20,000 on legal fees and get or save on $200,000 on support payments, that makes perfect sense.


Receiving or not paying an extra $300/month adds up over time. Over 18 years, that’s $64,800. Also know that if you win your court case, the other side might have to pay your legal fees. That happens very often.


In conclusion, reach out to us if you need a good divorce lawyer in Toronto. Let us know what you need help with. Tell us if it’s child support, child custody, or division of assets. It also just be a simple divorce.