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Mar 4, 2024
criminal harassment under San Jose law
Background Buzz: I run a small but buzzing tattoo parlor, Ink and Artistry, nestled right on the edge of Downtown San Jose, near San Pedro Square Market. It's not just about the ink; we've got a vibe that attracts a diverse crowd, from the tech folks to the hardcore bikers. The Twist: Recently, things have taken a sour turn. A former employee, let's call them "Alex," has been causing a ruckus. Started with bad-mouthing the parlor on social media, but now it's escalated. Alex has been hanging around, making threatening remarks to clients and staff, and leaving nasty notes. It's getting out of hand, and frankly, it's scaring people off. What's Been Done: I tried the friendly approach, asking Alex to cool it and move on. No dice. Went the formal route, filed a complaint with the local San Jose PD, but it feels like it's moving at a snail's pace. The Nitty-Gritty Questions: Given the situation, does this constitute criminal harassment under California law, specifically in San Jose? What steps should I take next to ensure the safety of my clients and staff while this is being resolved? Are there any immediate protective measures I can legally enforce? If this escalates further, what are my rights and potential legal actions to stop Alex's behavior and protect my business's reputation? Lastly, are there any local resources or support networks in San Jose for business owners facing similar issues?

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