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Feb 19, 2024
disturbance Miami Florida

I've got myself into a bit of a pickle here in Miami, FL, and could really use some expert advice. Miami's been my home for the past decade - fell for its vibrant culture, the beaches, and yes, the nightlife. But it's this last part that's got me reaching out.

Here's the scoop:

  • Background: I manage a small art gallery in Wynwood, showcasing local artists and hosting monthly events. It's not just a job but my passion. I've also been involved with organizing community clean-ups at Virginia Key Beach - trying to give back, you know?

  • The Issue: A couple of months back, after one of our gallery events, a celebration got out of hand. Ended up at a friend's place in Brickell with a group that included some folks I didn't know too well. Long story short, police showed up, and now I'm facing charges related to a disturbance and, embarrassingly, possession of a substance I swear wasn't mine.

  • Complications:

    • This is my first run-in with the law. Totally out of my element here.

    • I'm worried about how this might affect my gallery and the community projects I'm involved in. Don't want to let down the artists or the neighborhood.

  • What I'm Looking For:

    • Insight into how to navigate these charges, especially considering my clean record.

    • Advice on minimizing the impact on my personal and professional life.

    • Any programs or plea deals in Florida that might be relevant to my situation? Heard something about diversion programs but not sure if it applies.

I'm all for taking responsibility for my actions but also want to ensure I'm not unfairly penalized for something I didn't do. Any guidance you can offer would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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