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Jan 30, 2024
insurance law cases in Calgary

seeking legal advice regarding a challenging situation I am facing with my insurance company. As a potential client, I find myself in need of your expertise in insurance law, particularly in the context of property and casualty insurance.

The issue at hand arose from an incident that occurred at my residence in the community of Bridgeland, near Murdoch Park. During a severe hailstorm last month, which was unusually intense for Calgary's weather, my property sustained significant damage. The roof of my house, recently renovated using high-quality materials from a local supplier in the East Village, was severely damaged. Additionally, a custom-made glass installation in my backyard, crafted by a renowned artist from the Alberta College of Art and Design, was completely shattered.

Following the incident, I promptly filed a claim with my insurance provider, whose office is located in downtown Calgary near the Bow River. I provided all necessary documentation, including photographs of the damage, receipts for the roof renovation and the glass installation, and a detailed report from a licensed inspector based in the Beltline area.

However, the response from my insurance company has been unexpectedly problematic. They have disputed the extent of the damage and the valuation provided for the repairs, particularly questioning the cost and necessity of the high-end materials used for the roof and the bespoke nature of the glass installation. Their initial compensation offer was significantly below what I believe is fair and justified, given the terms of my policy and the premiums I have been paying.

Given your expertise in insurance law and your experience in dealing with similar cases in Calgary, I am seeking your advice on how to proceed. I am particularly interested in understanding my legal rights in this situation and exploring the possibility of challenging the insurance company's assessment. Could you provide guidance on the best course of action to ensure a fair and adequate settlement?

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