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Mar 12, 2024
Kept my $5000 retainer in Sacramento CA
I hired this lawyer a while back, someone I found after a bit of a Google dive, thinking they were going to be my knight in legal armor. The firm's not too far from the Tower Bridge, had decent reviews, and the office looked legit with all the law books and fancy wooden desks. I paid a $5,000 retainer, signed what felt like a million papers, and left feeling like I was in good hands. But here's the twist: it's been months, and I've got zilch to show for it. Every time I call, it's either "we're working on it" or "the lawyer is in court." I've dropped by unannounced a couple of times, and the reception is always icy, like I'm some sort of nuisance. Last week, I got fed up and demanded some real answers, but all I got was more runaround and a vague promise of "progress." I'm starting to feel like this lawyer took my $5,000 and ran for the hills. My gut's telling me I've been duped, and now I'm not just worried about the original problem but also about how to deal with this lawyer who seems to be as dishonest as they come. I need some advice on what to do next. Is there a way to get my retainer back? Should I be reporting this to some sort of legal board here in California? And if I do need to find another lawyer to take on my original case, how do I make sure I don't end up in the same boat with another $5,000 down the drain?

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