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Feb 22, 2024
LA from Canada immigration

I've been in LA for a bit, living near Echo Park Lake – love the vibe there, with all the lotus flowers blooming and the paddle boats. Anyway, I've got this situation that's a bit more complicated than figuring out the best taco spot on Sunset Blvd (though, if you've got recommendations, I'm all ears).

Here's the deal:

  • Background: I moved to LA from Canada on a work visa a couple of years ago. Got a job at a tech startup located in the Arts District, right by some of the coolest murals in the city. Things were smooth sailing until the company hit rough waters and had to lay off a bunch of us.

  • Current Predicament: My visa's tied to my job, and now that I'm not employed there anymore, I'm super worried about my status. I've heard about options for changing visas or applying for different statuses but man, it's like trying to find a quiet spot on Venice Beach on a weekend – practically impossible without some local knowledge.

  • Question: What are my options for staying in the U.S. legally? I've been looking into schools, maybe going back to school could be a way to switch my visa? Also, I started a small online business during the pandemic selling custom skateboards – is there any chance that could help me out here? I know there's something about investing in the U.S. to get a visa, but I'm no Elon Musk, you know?

  • Extra Info: If it helps, I've been volunteering with a non-profit in Skid Row, trying to give back to the community. Not sure if that plays into my situation but thought I'd mention it.

Really appreciate any advice you can give. Los Angeles has become my second home, and I'm not ready to say goodbye to those Griffith Observatory sunsets yet.

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