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Asked in Manitoba, Canada |

Jan 30, 2024
Manitoba Highway Traffic Act

I am reaching out to seek legal advice regarding a traffic violation I recently encountered in Winnipeg. Specifically, the incident took place at the bustling intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street, an area known for its heavy traffic and strict enforcement of road rules.

On the morning of [specific date], while driving my [vehicle make and model] to work, I approached the said intersection. As I am sure you are aware, this intersection is notorious for its complex traffic signals and high volume of pedestrian activity. I was in the rightmost lane, intending to turn east onto Portage Avenue from Main Street. The traffic light was green, and I made the turn. However, I inadvertently failed to notice a pedestrian crossing at the crosswalk.

Thankfully, there was no collision, but a traffic officer stationed nearby observed the incident. I was immediately pulled over and issued a ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, in violation of Section 144(1) of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act. This has left me quite distressed, as I pride myself on being a cautious and law-abiding driver. I have a clean driving record, and this is the first offense I have been charged with.

Given the circumstances, I am seeking your expertise on a few key points:

  1. What are the potential consequences of this violation in terms of fines, demerit points, and its impact on my driving record?

  2. Is there a possibility to contest this ticket, considering the complex nature of the Portage and Main intersection and the fact that this is my first offense?

  3. What would be the best course of action to minimize the impact of this violation on my insurance premiums and driving record?

I understand that each case has its unique aspects and would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to proceed. If necessary, I am willing to provide further details or documentation regarding the incident.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss this matter further.

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