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Feb 4, 2024
Portland, Oregon potential vandalism

This whole mess started in Portland, Oregon, and it's a bit of a doozy, so bear with me.

So, last Thursday, me and some pals were out celebrating a buddy's promotion. We started our night at this dive bar over in the Pearl District, kinda near that massive bookstore, Powell's, if you know it.

As the night went on, we ended up at this food truck pod off of Hawthorne Boulevard. Great spot with all kinds of eats. Anyway, we're having a good time, maybe too good, and someone dared me to climb onto one of the trucks for a selfie. It was one of those that's been there forever, selling those insane fusion burritos.

Long story short, I slipped off the truck and kinda, sorta, broke their serving window on the way down. Not my proudest moment, I'll be honest.

We all panicked and bolted. Stupid, I know. Come to find out, the whole thing was caught on a nearby shop's security cam. The truck owner's pressing charges, and now I'm looking at potential vandalism or property damage charges.

Here's my ask:

What kind of penalties might I be facing here in Oregon for this kind of offense?

Is there any chance I can make this right with the truck owner, like paying for the damages, to avoid criminal charges?

I've got a clean record up to this point – does that help my case at all?

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