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Feb 1, 2024
Richmond Centre Employment BC

I am currently facing with my employer in Richmond, BC. I am a long-term employee at a well-known retail company located in Richmond Centre, where I have been working for the past five years. Recently, I have encountered a situation that has significantly impacted my professional and personal life, prompting me to seek legal counsel.

Approximately two months ago, I was informed by my manager of a sudden demotion, which was attributed to alleged performance issues. This decision was unexpected, as my performance reviews up until that point had consistently been positive, with no prior warnings or indications of dissatisfaction from my employer.

The demotion came with a substantial pay cut and altered responsibilities that do not align with my skill set, significantly affecting my career progression and financial stability.

I believe the demotion may be linked to a recent workplace injury I reported, which occurred at our warehouse facility near the Fraser River. Since the incident, I have felt a noticeable change in the attitude of my superiors towards me, leading me to suspect that my demotion might be a form of retaliation for reporting the injury and taking medical leave, as advised by my healthcare provider.

Given these circumstances, I am seeking your expertise to understand my rights and the possible legal actions I can take against my employer. Specifically, I would like to discuss:

  1. The legality of my demotion and pay cut, especially in the context of my positive performance history and recent workplace injury.

  2. The potential for pursuing a claim for wrongful demotion or retaliation, considering the timing and manner of the employer's actions.

  3. Advice on how to proceed with negotiating a fair resolution with my employer, including the possibility of reinstatement to my former position or adequate compensation for the unjust treatment.

I am eager to schedule a consultation with you at your Richmond office to delve deeper into these issues. Your experience in handling employment disputes in Richmond, BC, will be invaluable in navigating this challenging situation.

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