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Mar 12, 2024
San Diego from Mexico Immigration
It's all about immigration law, specifically my journey from Mexico to San Diego, California. Here's the rundown: Background: Moved here from Mexico City about 3 years ago. Been living in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, working at a local art gallery, El Caracol, that showcases Latino art and culture. It's been a great gig, really ties me to the community here. Current Status: I'm on a work visa right now, but it's about to expire in 6 months. Heard a bunch of things about options for staying longer or even permanent residency, but it's like a maze, man. Concerns: Visa Renewal: How's the renewal process looking these days? Is it tougher with all the policy changes? Green Card Route: Been hearing whispers about eligibility for a green card through employment. Got any insights on how realistic that is for someone in my shoes? Community Ties: Would my involvement with El Caracol and other local community efforts in San Diego play any role in my application? Feels like it should count for something, right? Pitfalls to Avoid: Any common mistakes you've seen in similar cases that I should steer clear of? Extra Question: Just out of curiosity, if someone wanted to start a small business here, like a taco stand or a boutique, does that change their status or speed up the immigration process? That's basically it. I'm looking for some guidance on what steps I should be taking next, especially with the clock ticking on my current visa status. Really appreciate your time on this, and if there's any more info you need from me, just let me know.

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