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Asked in British Columbia, Canada |

Mar 27, 2024
Human rights
stray cats in West Vancouver
I am concerned about the treatment of feral and stray cats in the Horseshoe Bay area of West Vancouver, a locale that, while not as frequently spotlighted as others, is of great importance to me and other animal welfare advocates. As a resident of West Vancouver and an avid supporter of animal rights, I have noticed an increasing number of stray and feral cats in Horseshoe Bay. These cats appear to lack proper care and nutrition, and there seems to be no ongoing effort to address their well-being or to manage the population humanely. Given the situation, I would like to understand the legal framework surrounding the protection of these animals and explore what actions can be taken to improve their circumstances. Could you provide guidance on the following points? Legal Protection for Stray and Feral Cats: What laws, if any, currently protect stray and feral cats in West Vancouver? Are there specific bylaws or provisions within British Columbia's animal welfare legislation that address the treatment and welfare of these animals? Community Action and Responsibility: What legal responsibilities do residents or local authorities have concerning the welfare of stray and feral cats? Are there any legal mechanisms through which community members can initiate action or require local authorities to address the issue?

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