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Asked in California, United States |

Mar 8, 2024
traffic violation that occurred in Sacramento, California
On the day in question, I was cited for allegedly running a red light. The citation was unexpected, as I believed I had entered the intersection during the yellow phase. Furthermore, the intersection is equipped with a traffic camera, which I assume has captured the incident. I am concerned about the accuracy of this evidence and its interpretation under local traffic laws. Given the potential consequences of this citation, including the impact on my driving record and the significant fines involved, I believe professional legal representation is necessary to navigate this situation. I am particularly interested in understanding the following: The possibility and process of challenging the traffic camera evidence and the citation. The potential defenses that could be applicable in my case, considering the specifics of the location and circumstances. The steps involved in the legal process to contest this violation and the expected timeline. An estimate of the legal fees and any additional costs associated with your representation. I am eager to address this matter promptly and effectively, with your guidance. Could you please provide me with some initial advice on my situation and the feasibility of contesting the citation?

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