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Feb 19, 2024
Tucson, AZ immigration stuff

Hey there,

So, I'm in a bit of a unique situation and could really use some advice on immigration stuff. I've been in Tucson, AZ, for a couple years now - fell in love with the place after a visit to the Saguaro National Park and decided to make it my home.

Here's the deal:

  • Background: I'm originally from Canada, came to the U.S. on a B-1 visa for a "short" business trip that kinda turned into a long-term stay. I've been working remotely for a tech startup based in Vancouver but living here in Tucson. Got an apartment near the University of Arizona - love the vibe there.

  • Current Situation: Been thinking of making it official and getting a green card or some kind of visa that lets me stay here longer-term without worry. I hang out a lot at Exo Roast Co. - not a café, I promise, it's a coffee roastery! Met a lot of folks there who suggested I look into it more seriously.

  • Complications: I've done some volunteer work with local nonprofits like the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and even helped out at a few events at the Tucson Convention Center. Not sure if that helps or complicates my situation since I wasn't exactly here on a work visa.

  • Questions:

    • What's the best path for someone in my shoes to get a longer-term visa or a green card, considering my remote work situation?

    • Are there specific issues I need to be aware of because I've overstayed my B-1 visa by a long shot?

    • Any advice on navigating the process with minimal disruption to my life here? Really don't want to have to leave Tucson if I can avoid it.

Would love to get your take on this. Thanks a ton!

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