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Mediation And Arbitration Vancouver BC

Are you looking for mediation and arbitration lawyers in Vancouver, Canada? We have top family and business law lawyers that work with clients in Vancouver or anywhere else.
One of our arbitration lawyers in downtown Vancouver has a Diploma in Arbitration from Oxford University. Also, he sits on the board of the Institute of Transnational Arbitration.
These days, alternative dispute resolution is becoming more common. Mediation and arbitration are often called “med-arb.”

Vancouver Arbitration Centre Rules

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Med-arb is a great way to help with resolving disputes. It can also help you save a lot of time. Our lawyers can help with family law and business law. Below are some of the legal issues the top lawyers can assist with:


The lawyers have various offices throughout Vancouver. So when you contact us, make sure to let us know which courthouse you are nearest to.


In the Vancouver area, there are three main courthouses:


  • Downtown Vancouver
  • Chilliwack
  • New Westminister
All three of these courthouses have a provincial court and a supreme court.

Mediation in Vancouver BC

If you are looking for mediation, it’s a fantastic tool. It can be helpful for resolving the issues without going to court. Also, it can be used as a form of discovery.
The mediation is a neutral third party and is often not a lawyer. Often it is common for a psychologist to be a mediator. Further, the mediator has no power to make decisions. Their only goal and skills are to encourage the settling of the dispute.
These days it is possible to do mediation over video conferencing. If you reach a settlement, you won’t have to go to court.
This will save you a lot of money. If you are successful with getting a separation agreement (family law) or settlement agreement (business law) signed, you will need independent legal advice.
If you do not have a lawyer representing you, you will need one at the end. The lawyer needs to make sure that you and the opposing party under what they are signing.


Arbitration in Vancouver BC


Before the start the arbitration process, you will need to sign an arbitration agreement. This means that you and the other party agree that the arbitration process is legally binding.
Also, in most agreements, it will say that neither party can appeal to the Supreme Court or BC Court of Appeals.
Further, you are also agreeing to give a neutral third party the powers of a judge. This “arbitration judge” is normally a lawyer, not a judge. Also, neither party will have any sort of relationship with the third party.
Arbitration can often be done via written submissions. All the evidence is providing in the form of sworn affidavits. The arbitration process is very different from the court process. Therefore, it’s important to have a lawyer that focuses on arbitration in Vancouver.
The top lawyer is located at 1477 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada. You can contact us to book a consultation with him. Please do not show up at the address without booking a time first.
Keep in mind that family lawyers and business lawyers are often in court. You can call the number below, reach us via live chat, or fill out a form. Further, you can go to our main page and pick a consultation time that works for you.
Traditional litigation is extremely expensive. Many people cannot afford $100,000 on a business lawsuit. Others cannot afford to spend $30,000 on lawyer fees for their divorce.
Unless you are willing to spend that much money, you should consider mediation and arbitration in Vancouver BC.


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Court Process | Mediation And Arbitration

While preparing for arbitration, things can be as flexible as people want. They can pick their own rules. They can also follow the BCICAC domestic commercial arbitration rules.

It is also possible to follow the same rules of the Supreme Court of BC. Even if you follow the same court processes, you can still save time. Arbitration is a lot faster because you have a “personal judge.”

In the courts, the judges are often overworked and understaffed. That can mean that it will take you years to get a trial date. The more complex your legal matter, the longer it will take to get in front of a judge.
Also, if your trial is only two days, then it might only take six months. If you need 30 days, you are easily looking at multiple-year delays.
There is also the very real possibility that the trial will be delayed. As we saw with the Coronavirus, trials can be adjourned when there is a staffing issue at the courthouse.
However, this happens during ordinary times as well. Sometimes the court staffing office cannot find a judge to hear your case. Further, many judges and masters are busy working on Chamber applications and case planning conferences.
It is for this reason that the courts highly recommend mediation and arbitration if possible.


Arbitration Process | Mediation And Arbitration

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