Parental Dispute Over Vaccination

Parental Dispute Over Vaccination FAQ's

The government can take away your child as a way of protecting the child’s rights. For this to happen, the court of law in your jurisdiction has to satisfy that the child is desperately deprived or in distress in a way that affects their wellbeing.

This includes emotional and physical abuse. The court also has to satisfy that your child is seriously disturbed in a way that can lead them to cause harm to themselves, someone else, or to damage property.

Mediation is a conflict resolution method. It is the process where two conflicting parties involve a third neutral party to help them settle their differences. The third party is referred to as a mediator.

The work of a mediator is to ease the communication between the two parties to help them get to an agreement faster. He or she does not make any decisions on behalf of the two conflicting parties rather lets them decide after helping them understand each other’s side of the story.