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FAQ – How To Get Clients As A Lawyer

Tips for Getting More Law Clients

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Are you trying to get more clients as a lawyer? Many lawyers are great at practicing law and taking care of clients. However, most small to medium-sized law firms have a hard time making the phone ring. There are different options. You can hire a marketing company to manage your SEO and PPC. You can also try and learn marketing yourself. If you can bill $350/hour, you should not be spending time on marketing. Your other option is to join a pay per lead service (like ClearWay Law.)

Most lawyers still spend money on their own websites and advertising. They join us to top up on extra leads. It doesn’t have to be one of the other. You can see our main page for lawyers after you read this FAQ.

Get Clients As A Lawyer

Below are some common questions we get asked. If you want to get started, you can ask for a copy of the agreement. As of May 2020, we have had over 20 lawyers sign up on our platform.

A lot of attorneys waste their time and money on social media, poor content marketing, and hoping for client referrals. Legal marketing is unique in that no one wants to pay a lawyer anything. Paying for legal services is like buying insurance. Lawyers cost a lot of money to hire. You need to understand why people hire lawyers to get potential clients.

When will the leads start to come in?

It depends on the areas of law that you practice and where you provide services. For example, for family law in Toronto, we already get a lot of leads. Therefore, if you are a Toronto family lawyer, you will likely get leads the first day. If you are a business lawyer in Calgary, it might take us a few months to bring leads. We don’t go after garbage leads, so it takes us time to do research for a new market.

If you are willing to pay more, we might be able to bring in leads through more expensive channels. If you are okay with this, we can bring in leads within a few days.

Are There Any Extra Charges?

Our lead generation service is a pay-per-lead program, meaning you only pay for the actual leads you receive. There are no other fees or commitments. We believe this is better than hiring a marketing company where you pay for unknown results. Some people pay $5000/month to a marketing company and have no idea what’s going to happen.

In What Way Will The Leads Get Sent To Me?

When someone fills out one of our forms looking for a lawyer in your area and for your area of law, we will send it to you. Sometimes they call us, and our intake team will email you. Either way, you will receive an email with all the information.

We get our leads from search engines and content marketing. Google Adwords cost too much money.

Develop Customer Loyalty

What Will Be In The Email?

It’s normally the name, email, phone number, city, area of law, and brief notes about the case.

What Percentage Of Leads Become Clients?

It depends on how quickly you contact the leads. It also depends on how clear you are on your process and costs. Further, you should meet with the person as quickly as possible. Further, you should be open to sending the retainer agreement electronically if you cannot quickly meet with them. It’s normally around 13%.

Can We Pay You A Percentage Referral Fee Instead Of Per Lead?

No, we are not a law firm. You cannot pay a percentage referral fee in Canada. There are other companies that are similar to us in China and Russia that charge the lawyers 20-30%. This is a better model. However, it’s not allowed in Canada. Lead generators are not client referrals.

Why You Should Give ClearWay Law A Chance

We are normally cheaper than Google and marketing agencies. Instead of paying for unknown results, you pay for leads.

Our website covers many areas of law: family law, real estate law, business law, and wills and estates.

How To Get More Clients As A Lawyer

We receive around 1000 people on our website per day. It costs a lot of money to build out a website to bring in that volume of traffic.

You can stop the agreement at any time and pay for the leads you received.

Let’s have a conversation about your practice. You can fill out the form on the side of this page to speak to our CEO about how to get clients. Alistair Vigier is an expert in training lawyers to sell to clients.

The topics of discussion can include:

  • search engines
  • Google Adwords
  • legal marketing
  • client referrals
  • lead generators
  • content marketing
  • marketing efforts
  • how to get potential clients
  • social media

In conclusion, you can reach out to our CEO on Linkedin to talk about how to get more clients as a lawyer. Also, you can learn more about us on our Youtube.